Harford Horse Shows Association

2017 Junior Board

Get to know the officers of the 2017 season's Junior Board!

Tori Gay


Hi! I’m Tori. I am your Junior Board Vice President. I attend North Harford High School and this is my partner; Fritz. Fritz and I have been a team for the past year and a half. We ride with Ms. Karen Zinkhan. This is my second year on the Junior Board, as last season I was Secretary. The main thing I love about HHSA is the family I have made, from late bathing nights to 4 AM wakeup calls, you create a family with your teammates, as well as your competition. If you see me around at the shows, please be sure to say hi! And remember, at the end of the day it’s not about the color of the ribbon, it’s about how much fun you had with your best friend.


Riley Slowik


Hi! I’m Riley. I am a sixth grader and I attaned the Independence School. I have been riding with Mrs. Lisa Sessa since I was three turning four - almost 10 years! She found me my pony, Skye's Fancy Beau Tye, aka Tye. I have had him for over 4 years now. I've been riding in the HHSA series from the start and I've loved every second of it. The environment of it just feels liks everyone is family. Don't count the days before a show, make the days count.

Tia Gay


My name is Tia Gay. I'm a sixth-grader at North Harford Middle School. My pony's name
is Walking on Sunshine. I have been training with Ms. Karen Zinkhan for the past 4 years. HHSA is a wonderful environment. I have been showing in HHSA for 3 years. However, Sunny and I have only been showing in HHSA for one year. It's been full of great experiences and many more to come. It doesn't matter who the competition is when
you walk in that ring, it's you and your horse
, no one else.