Harford Horse Shows Association, Inc.
The Colonial Classic Horse Show:
Local Champions' Finals

September 2nd - September 5th, 2022
Devon Horse Show Grounds | 23 Dorset Rd, Devon, PA 19333
Brooke Brown , Manager: 610-836-2951 | Julia , Secretary: 443-907-3947


Please visit
www.colonialclassichorseshow.com for more information
and to submit entry and respective fees if you have qualified.

In order to participate in this show, you must have qualified through HHSA per Colonial Classic rules. The top three riders or horses in their respective pointed division at the time of August 4th are considered qualified to participate in the Colonial Classic. If you have qualified and choose not to attend, your slot will be passed to the next rider or horse in the standings.

Some divisions that Colonial Classic offers do not align with HHSA's divisions and therefore are not eligible divisions.
Please see the posted list of qualifiers with their divisions at the time of August 4th, 2022 for eligibility. If you have any questions, please visit the Colonial Classic website or reach out to one of the HHSA Board Members. Entries and fees are the sole responsibility of the individual who qualified and has RSVP-ed to participate. They must be submitted through Colonial Classic's website by their deadline. Colonial Classic does not permit day of show entries. Please understand that HHSA cannot make special qualifying exceptions for anyone, as to be fair to all HHSA members. 

Placings earned at the Colonial Classic Horse Show do not count toward HHSA year-end division points.

Entries are due at 12pm on August 19th

Send your entry form and stabling form to colonialclassichorseshow@gmail.com

Go to www.colonialclassichorseshow.com to pay for your entry.